''Building Economic Models for Development Reality"

(Established under Part C of CAMA Decree No1, 1990)

Registered Under CAMA Acts1, C20 of LFN, 2004. CAC/IT//R/No 34894

The Organization of Economists and Business Analysts of Nigeria (OEBAN) was established in 2009 by some economist, business administrators and entrepreneurs in public and private sectors under part c of CAMA Decree No 1, 1990, CAC/IT/R/NO 34894.
OEBAN set out to bring economists, business administrators, management experts and entrepreneurs together towards the enhancement of ethical practices. Through participation in local and international conference in Europe, America, Asia, middle East, Caribbean and Africa.


  1. To promote the awareness of and compliance with statistical and economic data and practices at the macro and micro economic levels
  2. To foster and advise on government’s regulations relating to economic matters.
  3. To promote business and financial intelligence among government, corporate organizations and individuals.
  4. To serve as a forum for brainstorming on poignant economic and business matters,
  5. Establishing and coordinating the research and development policy and programme, in collaboration with national and regional institutions.
  6. To relate professionally with other professional bodies and educational institutions shearing similar objectives internationally and at home for the purpose of cross fertilizing idea and knowledge on matters capable of promoting growth and development for the country.
  7. Coordinating the harmonization of statistical tools and methods in collaboration with national and international statistical agencies to ensure consistency and comparability of data.
  8. To install a high standard of professional ability, efficiency and effectiveness of members by means of regular publications in the journal of the organization, to be known as “The Nigerian Journal of Business Economy (NJOBE)” and to disseminate professional information on the economy internally and from abroad.
  9. To conduct examinations on economics and other management science relevant to the profession and issue certificates on the result there of and to make other awards as need be and in accordance with the limit of the organization approved operational guidelines.
  10. Ensuring effective sharing of statistical data with development partners
  11. To organize seminars, workshops talkshops, conference in relevant areas on development issues that will have positive bearing on economics and other relevant disciplines nationality.
  12. To seek recognition (nationally and internationally) for the organizations certificate and to enhance the reputation of economists and business analysts as professionals.
  13. To admit members from qualified individuals those that have passed the organization professional examination and those approved as eligible by the council, using the organizations operational guidelines as reference points.



The organization membership is divided into five (5) categories, as follows:

  1. Doctoral Fellow
  2. Fellow
  3. Associate Member
  4. Corporate/Institution Member
  5. Graduate Member

The doctoral Fellowship of the organization is reserved for the Ph.D holders and other professions in the relevant disciplines who have acquired reasonable level of practical experience(s) and who have contributed positively towards the development of the aggregated economic. Moreover, excellent record of performance in advisory capacity or in consultancy professions in the area of macroeconomic planning and policies. Doctoral fellowship of the organization is the highest in the hierarchy of professional recognition and the holder is entitled to use the abbreviation FRecon. after his/her name.

This category of membership is reserved mainly for founding members and few prominent individuals in the society who have contributed positively towards the enhancement of economic growth and development and related disciplines as a profession or a person who has been in professional practice for a period of not less than 10 years and is reputable for his/her sound and undoubted track records of service.

Moreover, excellent record of performance in advisory capacity or in consultancy professions in the area of economic management, treasury operations, financial management, stock exchange operation, corporate finance, investment decision consultancy, public finance, strategic management is a prominent yardstick for the award of this category of membership from the council. Fellowship of the organization is meant for the master degree holders and the holder is entitled to use the abbreviation F.Eb after his/her name.

All graduate in relevant disciplines who have genuinely acquired reasonable level of practical experience(s) and who have been in active practice for a period of not less than four(4) years are eligible to apply  for the associate membership of the organization having meet other necessary requirements for capacity enhancement, the organization associate membership examinations are conducted at the end of training programmes. No associate member will be conferred with fellowship member of the organization until success is recorded at after training examination conducted for that purpose. Notification of admission as associate member must have been received six (6) months before holder can be eligible for the one week mandatory training. Award of this category of membership entitled the holder to use the abbreviation A.Eb after his/her name. Non graduate with five (5) years working experience are equally qualify for the associate membership.  
This category of membership is reserved for corporate entities and institutions in specialized relevant areas that wish to identify with the noble course of the organization by having the capacity of creating an idea oriented forum for the benefits of the organization members and employees. Corporate institutions bodies entitled to use the abbreviation C.Eb after their organizational name.

fresh graduate in relevant disciplines are eligible for membership admission under this category. An individual with modest academic qualification(s) with long period of practical on-the-job experience of not less than five (5) years is also eligible to apply for graduate membership of the organization. To qualify for associate membership, (i) the holder of graduate membership is mandatorily required to sit for two papers in professional examination (ii) and the whole papers in professional examination (iii) of the organization. Holders or awardees are entitled to use the abbreviation G.Eb after their names.

The organization is offering direct membership to suitable candidates

  1. Doctoral fellow                 -           N140,250
  2. Fellow                                   -           N   74,250
  3. Associate member           -           N   44,250

N.B: your certificate will be ready under ten working days



Prof. Kolapo Ige Registrar/CEO


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